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At Swan Medical Spa, we take a realistic approach, not to change how you look, but to maximize your beauty and youth. Our medical aestheticians are professionals, who are passionate about their work and strive to provide safe, and high quality services to clients. We provide customized service to each of our clients, based on their goals and needs. Each clients needs are assessed and a series of treatments are recommended to each client, which are the latest, safest, and most effective treatments that suit the clients needs. we take pride in our approach to help the individual in fulfilling their goals.

At Swan Medical Spa, we dedicate our efforts to providing exceptional, high quality services to our customers, and ensure that our clients fully understand the procedures and the expected results of said procedures. As a result, we offer free consultations to our new clients, to help them understand and inform themselves about the procedures offered at our spa, and decide with this knowledge and our recommendations, what suits their needs best. This way we ensure the client knows what to expect, hence making sure they will not be dissatisfied with their results.

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Facial & Hair Restoration

The blood contains platelets which assist in the clotting process and healing wounds. Furthermore, most don’t know that blood also contains fundamental growth factors that are designed to restore and heal a plethora of ailments. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) utilizes these regenerative growth components of the blood by activating them to promote natural healing. This is done by stimulating the underlying tissue in order to accelerate tissue and collagen production to create smoother/plumper skin and enhance and restore hair.

If you decide to go forward with this procedure you will be first consulted for free, to understand the procedure and its limitations. This is done so you can make an educated decision, and be fully aware of the results you can expect and the benefits of this approach for both facial, and hair restoration purposes. After consultation is done and you are fully aware of the benefits of the procedure and the time line of the results and process, your blood sample will be collected to extract the PRP, and you will be given an appointment for the procedure itself. At this point two possible approaches are presented to you. One is to directly inject the PRP, which will be done by a registered nurse, or to utilize the microneedling process to transfer the PRP to the skin or hair follicles.

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